Recovery is About Choices -Yours!

Program Supported Recovery – The EDEN Processes and Whole Person Exercises

The fact is that the will (the ability to exercise free choice) is extremely important in the process of recovery.

However, the right use of will can only occur in an environment that is supportive of the will’s healthy desire. Most individuals have seen their will reduced to a timid voice that only occasionally, if ever, rises in protest.

The EDEN Processes help in locating and exercising one’s own voice through its support of rigorous self examination and action. The individual learns through education and repetition how to recognize one’s own values and act congruently with those values. EDEN’s Whole Person Exercises promote healthy thinking and action.


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Compulsive & Binge Eating

The problems of compulsive overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and related weight and health problems are at an all time high. This phenomenon is, in part, driven by a $45 billion a year diet industry.

The number of Americans who struggle with being overweight has tripled in the last three decades to 66% (34% are obese with serious medical complications).

Research indicates that “dieting” is a precursor to serious eating disorder behaviors that result in unsuccessul weight management. The “diet only” mentality sets us up for failue when we can’t achieve or maintain desired results, resulting in depression, low self-esteem, aggravated medical conditions and lack of HOPE.

Our experience is that EDEN Recovery Skills Program (although originally designed for problems of anorexia and bulimia), when coupled with an exercise program, a knowledgeable dietician and treatment professionals, can produce a greater and lasting impact on the emotional and physical health than any diet can.

EDEN has developed a unique support program to work in conjunction with treatment professionals to help individuals end the “diet only” approach.

THE MISSION: to help YOU feel good about yourself, learn and practice healthy behaviors around stress, food, relationships and exercise, resulting in a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Today, EDEN is teaming with community resources throughout the nation, registered dietitians, physicians and therapists to bring you a comprehensive, community-based, affordable solution.